Welcome to the best fish and seafood restaraunt in Liepaja!
Quality dishes always made with fresh ingridients – guaranteed to statisfy any taste. Our menu is mostly fish and seafood but we have not forgotten about meat lovers and vegetarians also. A micro brewery “Puta” is located next to the restaurant to always provide fresh beer.
Coasy interior in a historical building along with friendly service will make for a great atmosphere.

Our Menu

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Vecā ostmala 53, Liepāja, mobile: +371 27824464, e-mail: info@spikeris53.lv

Our History:

Spīķera story began around year 1880 when, for the time period, an impressive building was built as a storage warehouse for Liepaja port. The end of 19th century Liepaja sales canal and Spīķeris both formed an essential economical function. During the Soviet era port area was closed for public. The building kept functioning as s grain warehouse, largely retaining historical appearance. In the nineties post-soviet era the building was left abandoned.

In the Year 1997 Ervils Laugalis bought Spīķeris, to create a base for repairing his fishing vessels. During a period of time owner restored Spīķeris building, while preserving the historical performance as much as possible.

Beginning of year 2000 local government of Liepaja started to renew and develop the promenade, thereby Spīķeris was better accessible to society, but it was mainly used for fishing business needs.

In the last decade both sons of owner started to engage in family business more actively. The new generation started to plan Spīķeris development in completely new direction, with focus on hospitality and recreational function, which is also in line with city council development strategy for the promenade.

First big steps were taken in 2020 when with the help of European Maritime and Fisheries fund, Rural Support service and local action group ''Liepaja District partnership''. A total of three projects were submitted - fish processing workshop, micro beer brewery and fish bar/restaurant. Eventually all three of them were accepted and now are located on the ground floor of Spīķeris building.

Spīkeris second floor holds spacious event/banquet hall with capacity for up to 100 guests, suited for all kinds of events.

In close future there is a plan to create kids play and training room, which will focus on raising the visibility on local fishes to youngest generation through games and also including non-formal education methods.

On the third and fourth floor You will find a fitness hall/gym operating 24/7, with all the equipment needed to stay fit and healthy.

A lot more ideas and plans are in place for Spīķeris building in the nearest future. Stay tuned for new information.